Nebbia Minore is a reality that sees enthusiasm and experience in floral design combined with an ethics of sustainability, a philosophy of less waste and attention to detail. We offer equipment rental services for floral design and courses on new techniques inspired by the principles of less waste and no floral foam.


Nebbia Minore offers the possibility to rent specific equipment for floral design and tablescape. With all objects, you can create an unforgettable set up of weddings, parties, events, and photoshoots. We are convinced that you will find something for you here regardless of whether you are a floral designer, wedding planner, or are involved in culinary and product photography, scenography, or branding. Many objects in the catalog are vintage, because we believe that by giving them a second life, we support the idea of ​​organizing socially responsible, ethical, and sustainable events, and for that our motto is “Choose, decorate, create. Naturally”


Whether you are a florist, a professional floral designer, or a complete beginner, through our courses we will encourage you to pursue your creativity in a way that is individual for you, supporting you in all sustainable and less waste practices, without ever using the traditional floral foam.

Meet Maria

My journey begins with art, but the cinematographic one. After graduating in film history, I approached the world of events through film festivals. From there I specialized in event management and found the thread of art through floral design. I carry all my cultural evolution as a professional background that I absolutely want to share with customers.

I love long walks with my dogs and hiking. Obviously, shears are never lacking on such occasions, because you never know when a treasure will come out, like a branch you cannot live without.

I am always looking for ways to improve a product or work protocol. Knowing the problems of a floral designer and nurturing a passion for sustainability and the less waste philosophy, I decided to create this space.